Alina Grigore, MD - Patient Satisfaction

What Dr. Grigore’s Patients Are Saying

“I had an excellent experience, Dr. Grigore was extremely professional and accurate with the description of the entire procedure course and recovery. I strongly recommend Dr. Grigore.”  | Patient Review –

“Dr. Grigore was very solicitous in responding to my questions regarding the impending open-heart surgery. She spent a considerable amount of time with my wife after the operation explaining the results and reassuring her that the operation was completely successful. As a result of her efforts as the primary anesthesiologist, I will resume a better-than-previous active life once my rehabilitation period is completed. I certainly have no hesitation in giving the highest recommendation regarding Dr. Grigore’s professionalism.” | Patient Review –

“Neale and I want to thank you so much for what you did on August 29th after his surgery on August 28th.  If you hadn’t been there to help him, I don’t know if he would be here today! You were so kind! Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate what you did.” Neale and Cathy Spooner

“One year ago today, you saved my husband’s life!  Here’s a picture of us in Key West last month celebrating!  No words can express our gratitude.” Molly and David Fusco

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